Mexican director Laura Plancarte screens her film “Tierra Caliente” in UCL

By Román Zapién.

This Wednesday 24th February, at the historical Bloomsbury Campus of UCL, mexican director Laura Plancarte screened the Film Tierra Caliente for an audience of more than 60 people. Students from LSE, KCL and UCL gathered at the J Young LT to watch this remarkable Film that portrays the story of a family that struggles in the middle of the “war” between drug cartels and the Mexican military groups.

This event was segmented into three parts:

In the first one,  Rodrigo Reyes (LSE) offered a brief presentation on the Mexican state of Michoacán, showing us how this state clearly portrays some patterns from the drug war in Latin America: HR violations, militarisation, corruption, struggle for natural resources, violence, crime dispersion, money laundering and firearms trafficking.

In the second part, the attendants witnessed the complex reality associated with the drug war through the Film. Importantly, although the Film was performed by professional actors, it was based and includes real recordings from family members, an innovative approach that has gained praises from filmmakers and audiences alike.

Finally in the third part, a Q&A forum was moderated by David Perez Esparza (UCL), where the Film’s director addressed the questions of the audience regarding the social and technical challenges to produce the Film.

Tierra Caliente helped us to perceive the effect of drug markets, militarisation, corruption and violence in the daily life of an affected family. Now we want to shed light into the next debate about drug regulation in the United Nations (UNGASS 2016) in our first Mexican Summit: Lessons from the Global Drug Policy: moving on from the 2016 UNGASS, which will be held on June 13th at the Gustave Tuck LT. We will be pleased to see there.

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