The Mexico Energy Summit is here!

As part of the Mexico Energy Summit 2017, we are having a poster session where some of our attendees decided to also be part of our Electronic Poster Session. Come and take a look!

The presentations are organised by title and in alphabetical order. If you are interested in a specific title, we have set an index here below:

  1. Climate Finance for Sustainable Low-Carbon Energy Growth in Mexico

  2. Dislocation Based Modelling of Fusion Relevant Materials

  3. Energy management and control for sustainable mobility. Component sizing for a real driving cycle

  4. Evaluation of blade and shape on vertical axis wind turbine performance in rainy environments

  5. Lean Micro-Turbine for Domestic Cogeneration Systems

  6. Scale-up of Liquid-liquid Microreactors for the Energy Sector

Electronic Poster Session

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